Empowering Financial Advisors with Effective Group Meeting Techniques

Lucknow, July 8 and 9, 2023: AWOKE India Foundation organised a 2-Day workshop for Financial Advisors on conducting effective group meetings for their prospective and existing clients.

Trainer and Coach Mr. Uttam Kumar of AWOKE India discussed the three Cs—connect, communicate, and convert—required to make a session effective. The learners were sensitised to the idea of having a connection before expressing any content. Several role plays were done on how to connect with different groups of audiences, like private employees, government employees, students, doctors, women workers, air hostesses, transgender people, and many more. The learners not only realised the significance of connecting but also enjoyed the challenges. Next was the relevance of effective story telling in making their point. A true and personal story touches the heart, and the message is better communicated. The learners also learned how to make soulful presentation slides to match their story for a deeper connection. A checklist of important points for being an effective speaker was then shared with the learners.

The second day started with the intricacies of making a powerful and brief phone call to book a group meeting at the client’s premises. The advisors learned how to convey their message so that the other person feels the urge to invite the speaker to conduct a session. Another important aspect of any meeting is the handling of tough objections from the audience, which was the next topic to be mastered in the workshop. Most common objections were practised in a very lucid manner so that the audience convinced itself rather than being forced to convince. Participants from four cities were present in the session, and they are now ready to address their clients in groups and give a boost to their businesses. At the end Mr. Pravin Kumar Dwivedi, Founder & President AWOKE India Group expresses his gratitude.